What is an SSL Certificate?


One of the most important things to check on a website is security. No one would want to insert his/her details on a site that isn’t secure.

One good way of protecting your site is using SSL which is in full Secure Socket Layers. Having an SSL ensures that the sensitive data of your website visitors will be transferred over a secure network.

What is SSL (Secure socket layer)?

SSL or Secure Socket layer is an encrypted base internet security protocol that keeps a website secure. Netscape developed it to ensure privacy, data integrity, authentication on the internet. It was created in the year 1955.

SSL is the predecessor to the modern TLS used today. A website that uses SSL or TLS has HTTPS instead of HTTP in its URL, which is more secure.


The above image is an example of HTTPS. The lock sign, which is circled, means it is secured.

while HTTP doesn’t have a lock sign but a warning sign, just like the above image.

SSL provides a high level of security/ privacy because SSL encrypts data transmitted across the web. This means that anyone who tries to have access to it will only see unique characters that are so impossible to understand and decrypt.

SSL starts an authentication process between two communicating devices to ensure that both devices are really who they claim to be. SSL also digitally signs data in order to provide data integrity, verifying that the data is not tampered with before reaching its intended user.

How important it is to have SSL?

SSL protects users’ privacy by encrypting the user’s data that goes between the user and the web server, and anyone who intercepts the data can also see scatter and messy characters which cannot be used for any purpose.

SSL stops certain kinds of cyberattacks because it prevents attackers from tampering with data in transit

Here are a few reasons you need SSL certificate:

1. It increases the site security from attackers: it protects and encrypts sensitive data coming from the user, it could be the login details, payment details, personal details, etc.

2. Customers will trust the site with their details and the browser will label it safe by putting the safety padlock. these will show that the connection is secure.

3. SEO benefit: Having an SSL certificate installed will enable the site to have SEO improvement in rankings. Google gives websites with encrypted connections a small ranking boost. Although the boost may not be significant.

4. it also protects other sub-domains: a specific type of SSL certificate, for example, wildcard. This SSL certificate protects the domain and also the sub-domains.

How can one obtain a free SSL certificate?

Today, getting an SSL certificate is much easier because there are companies that provide them for free and have made their installation super simple.

Talenttic tech hub offers a free SSL certificate. For all their hosted websites using Let’s encrypt. This will make it easier for websites to be secure.

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