HTTPS vs HTTP: What’s the difference?


The only difference between these two protocols is SSL certificate HTTP(s) to encrypt requests and responses coming from the user and the server.


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, HTTP is a protocol that governs how a set of rules will be transmitted on the internet. Information sent over the internet includes website content,.., etc.

HTTP is an application layer network protocol that is built on Transfer Control Protocol (TCP), it is also known as a “stateless protocol” as each command is executed separately without using the reference of previous run commands.

There are two main kinds of HTTP messages: requests and responses.

HTTP requests are generated by the user when they access the web properties. For example, when a user clicks on a hyperlink, the browser will send a series of “HTTP GET” requests for the content that appears on that page to the server and the server would have to respond to that request from the user (HTTP response).

Any request the user sends to the server will not be encrypted it will be sent as plain text to the server.


The S stands for Secure. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. It allows a secure transaction between users and the server by encrypting data with an SSL certificate.

HTTPS is the combination of HTTP and SSL/TLS protocols, which provide secure and encrypted identification over the internet. This helps to protect potentially sensitive information from being stolen.

The Basic Difference Between HTTPS and HTTP


This protocol lacks the security to encrypt data

HTTPS provides SSL or TLS(Transport Layer Security) Digital Certificate to secure the communication between the server and the user.


This protocol transfers data as plain text

This protocol transfer data in an encrypted format which is hard to decrypt.


This protocol operates in an application layer

This protocol operates in a Transport Layer


HTTP load pages fast

HTTPS is slow because it consumes computation power to encrypt the communication channels


The URL starts with http://

The URL starts with https://


The port number for HTTP is 80 by default

The port number for HTTPS is 443 by default


It operates at the TCP/IP level.

This does have any separate protocols it’s the combination of HTTP with an SSL certificate.

How does Talenttic Tech Hub enable websites to adopt HTTPS?

Talenttic Tech Hub services can enable a website to be secure using HTTPS and move away from HTTP with one click for free using Let’s encrypt. This makes SSL encryption widely available, to protect users and user data all over the Internet.

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